Demographic change and the digital transformation pose great challenges to our today’s society. Processes and activities are being turned upside down and our social environment is changing as well. Digital inclusion is especially important for elderly people. The inclusion of elderly people into the process of digital transformation enables two things: On the one hand, it becomes easier for them to keep a self-determined life in their own home environment. At the same time we can keep elderly people integrated in social life. Nevertheless, enormous challenges in terms of requirements and UX must be overcome by such systems. The workshop consists of a stimulating, invited lecture and aims at a presentation of about 5-8 submitted papers with a following discussion. Through an integrated interactive discussion round, approaches but also practice-relevant solutions will be discussed and worked out. On the one hand, the workshop will be designed by the organizers as a traditional scientific workshop. A program committee will evaluate the submissions and select the papers accepted for presentation. These will also be published in the Proceedings of „Mensch und Computer 2020“. On the other hand, the workshop is intended to provide an interactive approach to current developments and topics.